How can Siri call up Hello Home Actions?

I want to tell Siri to activate a HHA. I know through IFTTT you can get it to turn a light on or off, but I want a whole HHA. Now that there is the Today widget, can you teach Siri to look for it? Another way I was thinking of was to get Siri to pull up a website - and that link could be set up through this but I cant figure out how to get it to do that either. Any ideas?

At the moment this won’t be possible. There is a thread around here on homekit. Homekit is the droid you are looking for.

When will SmartThings integrate into SmartThings? TBD

IFTTT can work with virtual switches to trigger HH actions using the Big Switch App.

I’m not an iphone user, so I don’t know is you can or not, but if you can trigger IFTTT through Siri, you can trigger the HHA

You’ll find this discussed in the voice control solution topic:

There are couple of different ways.

If you’re just using smart things, and you’re willing to use some custom code, there are a couple of ways to approach it. Or if you’re willing to jailbreak your phone.

But again lots of detailed discussion, including contributions from most of the people using these options, in the other topic.

Use a virtual switch and the Big Switch for HH SmartApp. Triggering the switch through IFTTT will then kick off the Hello Home. Personally, I’d use a virtual momentary or have the HH phrase turn off the virtual switch, so you don’t have to worry about state sync.

It’s frustrating that something like this would take so many middlemen, but it is nice that we can almost always find a workaround.


I didn’t know IFTTT had hooks into siri


Another hack, but it works. I used it for my Xmas lights using #trees as the keyword.

It doesn’t directly, but as discussed in detail in the Voice control solution discussion topic linked above, you can use Siri to send a text or to call your ifttt number. And then you use that as the trigger. It’s clunky, but it works.

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I’ve actually already got the Big Switch hooked up for HHActions with momentary switches, but I didn’t think that IFTTT would see them as real switches. They weren’t coming up because I hadn’t refreshed my Smarththings IFTTT channel since I built them.

OK edited my channel to add Big Switches. Check it out! Awesome thanks! I knew there had to be a workaround.


I hate burning up SMS just for this feature…

+1 to Tim on this one from earlier in the thread…


The SMS is sent from your phone (Siri) to ifttt. So it counts against the allowance for your phone, not against any allowance that smartthings might eventually impose. Then ifttt uses the smartthings official channel to actually flip the switch.

If you have an unlimited texting plan, doesn’t cost anything more.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can get a much better Siri integration with the help of a few Cydia plugins. Granted it’s a bit tedious to setup, but once the setup is done it works pretty flawlessly. I’m willing to attempt a step-by-step if anyone is interested.

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Assistant+ I think can handle it all on it’s own now.

It’s a big part of it, but as far as I know you also need Activator & Activate Command

The tweak was just updated with support for variables and terminal commands in the app!

Yes, you will need Activator (who doesn’t?), but you no longer need Activate Command. You can enter terminal commands & thus call endpoints directly.

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I completely glanced over the “Capture Group Commands” section in Assistant+ the first time configuring it, definitely makes Siri 1000x’s more useful!

Totally agree - I’ve already set up one group action that uses variables to call all of my various modes. I plan on creating another that uses two variables to set any individual light I have to any level I want.

@infofiend, just getting into this but where in Activator can I specify the terminal commands? Everything I have read says you need Activate Command.

Also can you give me a very brief example of how to setup and endpoint?