How can I simply reinstall the motion alerts app?

(Olaf) #1

I deleted the motion alert app. Now I simply want to reinstall it? It is not among the apps… where can I find it?


You can use a Custom Alert in the Smart Home Monitor, or use Notify When from the Marketplace. Just depends on what you want to have happen.

(Dayton Turner) #3

Unless im misisng something, it looks like the Motion Alerts app is gone?

There are “new” ways to do it, but I cant find it for a new installation i’m doing either. Its still installed and working on my existing installation, but on a new one I cant find it.

I’m using a custom device for motion detector devices, and the motion alerts app allows me to see “Motion” on my dashboard with the old motion alerts app. With the new methods, I cant find a way to get “Motion” on my dashboard (without adding a “certified” motion sensor device first)



It’s missing. :disappointed_relieved:

If you put the motion alert in the “security” category of the new smart home monitor, then you get a big red alert when it goes off.

If you put it into the custom alert category of the new smart home monitor, you can still get a notification, either push notification or text, but it will not show on the dashboard.