How can i set executionTarget to LOCAL?

Hello i am trying to create a virtual device trough Core SDK, but i cant get executionTarget to ‘LOCAL’ only works with ‘CLOUD’, i get the following error when executionTarget is LOCAL:

Hi, @dannymoran

There’s not much information about the ability to create Virtual Devices from the API. How are you creating the device?

I am using SmartThings CLI command (smartthings virtualdevices:create and smartthings virtualdevices:create-standard) and with Core SDK also (client.virtualDevices.create()) in all cases executionTarget is ‘CLOUD’,
when i use SDK Core and try to force executionTarget to local i get the last error i posted

My best guess is that we will be able to create the local versions by linking them to Edge drivers. Indeed I’ve done that but they stopped working after a few hours so I’ve probably missed something. Hopefully they will get a proper launch soon and all will be revealed.

There are several different community developers who have created edge drivers for virtual devices which runs locally, and lots of people using those. So it does seem possible.

You can find those by looking on the “virtual devices“ quick browse list in the community – created wiki.

Note that virtual devices created with an Edge driver are running locally on the hub, while ones created through the API using the CLI appear to be running in the cloud, so that may explain the difference. :thinking: