How can I run webCORE on my local server?

(Jared) #1

Looking in to this it seems pretty cool, but I don’t want yet another “cloud” failure point in my system. How can I get the “core” that makes this stuff run so I can install it on my personal server at home. It would for sure run better if I could do this. I looked around but did not see anything in the wiki about doing this.

My personal server at home already has a webserver set up and in use for other applications so it shouldn’t be too difficult to add in this one to it as well.

(Robin) #2

There is a dist folder in github, that is the website, so one can technically install it locally or on one’s own server/domain.

Good luck with that though, not as easy as it sounds.

(Robin) #3

It should also be noted that once a piston is built and saved, it saves into an instance of the piston smartapp and runs solely on the ST cloud.

The webCoRE servers are just the UI for editing.

You won’t gain a lot from local hosting unless you are from the tin hat brigade, and even then @ady624 has made the security so tight even he doesent have any useful information that could compromise your account.


A bigger fear is the closing up shop. Not saying that it is going to happen, but it remains a possibility if Adrian ends up being as frustrated as Bruce was at the end of Rule Machine…

I have been tossing around the same question as the OP since I run a couple of home servers as well.