How can I perform an action from a SmartThings thing in response to another event such as e-mail, push notification, etc

I have a handful of D-Link IP cameras and I’m wanting to key off the motion detection notifications to power on/off a GE Z-Wave Power Outlet that I usually just click on from “Things”. With Dlink, as far as I know, I have push notifications to my mobile device, emails, ftp, or possibly the web service running on the device itself as possible hooks.

Is there anything out there that can do this now?

Android or iOS?

Android for the most part but I’m flexible.

This is very doable with Tasker. Set up an endpoint for your outlet, and call its URL from a Tasker profile that monitors your notifications.

Very neat. I’ll definitely look into this. Thanks!

I have a couple of D-Link cameras that I wanted to tie into SmartThings for on/off commands. I used IFTTT to make things happen based on emails. It wasn’t instant but, it worked.