How can I improve the reliability of my Philips Hue bulbs?

My Philips Hue bulbs have been a great addition to the house, taking over the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom. Using the Philips Hue app or other third-party apps the bulbs work flawlessly.

Through SmartThings, however, they are not reliable. Virtual switches rarely work the first time, requiring me to turn the off/on/off in the ST app to turn them off. The light state is only sometimes correctly shown. And turning on/off groups of lights NEVER works perfectly, always missing one or more lights.

Right now I don’t have confidence that ST is controlling the lights properly when I am remote, and my family has pretty much stopped using the ST app for anything related to those lights.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to improve the reliability of the ST/Hue integration?

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Same here. Any third party app works. However much I love ST, I can bluntly say that ST can never get it right EVER. It is in the labs = graveyard and guarantee that that this hue issue will never ever get fixed. I am trying to live with it as it raises my blood pressure and may get a heart attack. They don’t even bother commenting on why the integration does not work when EACH AND EVERY third party app gets it right each and every time. If at all they were working on it, they would post some update but even though it is the most complained about consumer product in this community, you will hardly hear anybody from ST side making a comment.

And I challenge my friends on ST side (I admire them a lot and they know that) if they can and will say anything about this integration. I rely on my app to turn it off without fail and once I have the time will do so to turn it on reliably. I Guarantee you no response on hues.
Even the worst thing that I have (my sole opinion) Harmony Home gets it right every time.


This afternoon I removed all of my Hue bulbs and the Hue Control app, and added wgodfreyatl’s custom Hue Group control app found here:

Then I recreated my Hello, Home automations, and tested them. I was 9/10 with my tests, so I’m optimistic that triggered actions will be more reliable. I’ll report back if this solves my problem.

For context, I have 9 Hue bulbs in 6 groups. Not too many, and I read that the hue groups are limited to 16 which may or may not be an issue as I expand. My plan is to focus on smart switches where possible, and use smart bulbs only where I need the impact.

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We have an engineer dedicated to improving our LAN integrations right now. Work is actively being done. This includes Hue, WeMo and Sonos.


@tyler hope so. Today even though my light on at sunset triggered on time, it did NOT turn on a single hue. This was the worst case till date for me. I came home and manually triggered it and some of them turned on. Of course nothing has changed in my setup since it worked and today.

ST should be honest about the compatibility of devices as the descriptions on Web sites is somewhat misleading. I bought the hub based on ST statements that it was compatible with devices that I had.