How can I group windows sensors together?

(Josh Fink) #1

I’m sure this is probably simple but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I have the PEQ Door/Window (open/close) sensors that I’ve bought for each window in my children’s room.

My goal is to group them together so I say Kid #1 Window and then if a window opens I get notified. I don’t care which of the 3 it is, just want to be notified.

What’s the best way to do this? I tried door and I tried valuables and they both only allow one sensor for each.

Am I missing something obvious or am I going to have to create Window - Left, Window - Center and Window - Right for each room and then associate one sensor for each?



(Ryan) #2

Using a rule builder is probably the easiest answer to your question. I use SmartRules to do exactly what you’re asking. Basically, it lets you group actions and responses. Far more useful than the ST app in this regard. Otherwise, yes, you need to create an action for each sensor.

(Josh Fink) #3

Thanks… I’ll have to look that up and see what it is. I appreciate the reply.


I believe Hello Home Actions already OR multiple sensors:

(Ryan) #6

Cool! Didn’t know that… But I didn’t see anywhere that you can simply send notification that a sensor is open. Did I miss it?


I do exactly that for a gate bell. Sensor shows open, notification is sent.

So in your Hello Home Action, choose “automatically perform when,” then " something opens," and select the sensors.

Then choose “Additional settings” and you can set up the notification.

Remember to tap DONE at the top right of each page to save the settings.

(Brice; #8

Thanks for the plug Ryan. SmartRules can definitely handle something like this. Check it out at

(Josh Fink) #9

@obycode I purchased it last night to play around with it. I like the interface and the ease of use.

Question though. How much of the app runs from the cloud. i.e. if my phone is off, or dead or whatever will the notifications work fine? I’m assuming yes but it never hurts to ask.


(Brice; #10

Definitely never hurts to ask. I’m happy to answer any questions.

There is nothing to worry about here. The app on your phone is only for defining the rules. Once a rule is saved, it acts just like any other SmartApp, running from the SmartThings cloud. No dependency on the phone, and no data sent to any third party servers either.

(Josh Fink) #11


Is there a web interface as well or only IOS?

(Brice; #12

iOS only for the time being.