How can I disable a 'rule' without uninstalling it

I have just got a Smarttings hub to run some WeMo devices. I did this as the Belkin App is rubbish to say the least.
One thing that was good was the ability to disable a rule without deleting it.
Is there any way this can be done through the smartthings app as I do not seem to be able to find it.

There isn’t a built in way to do this that I’m aware of, unless it’s been added fairly recently.

I don’t personally have much of a need for this, but here’s how I’d do it as a work around. Most SmartApps these days include conditional options like “Only run when in these modes:”*

If the app/rule you’re talking about has this option, then I’d do this:

  • Create a new mode called “disabled” (Go to Locations -> Settings (the gear) -> Scroll to bottom, tap “Add a new Mode.”
  • In the SmartApp set it to only run when mode is “disabled.”

As long as you never go into “Disabled” mode, this app will never run. Then when you want to run the app again, just change it back to running in every mode.

*Note that in some apps this is setting is exactly reverse… that is, instead of saying: “Only run when mode is…” the question/setting says: “Don’t run if mode is…” If the question is worded like that, then you need to do the opposite: Check all the modes you normally use but left “disabled” blank.


I needed the same thing. The way I did it was to change the ‘trigger’ to select nothing, (no check boxes) and then ‘save’ It let me keep the rule, but it did nothing. Next time I need it I just add the ‘trigger’ back in and saver again.

Ah ha, that would do it. Brilliant thanks.

It’s a bit more technical, but you can also set up a virtual presence sensor which is both a presence sensor and a switch and have the app run only when that “person” is home.

Since this is a virtual switch you don’t have the disappearing/reappearing problem you can have with the real presence sensor.

And if it also has The switch capability, it will be a “thing” that you can just toggle on and off in the mobile app. That way you can keep all your modes Routines just the way they are.

More set up work, but easier to these once it is set up and harder to get wrong.