How can I control this? (USSOLID Motorized Ball Valve)

Looking to control this valve here.

It is a 2 Wire Reverse Polarity valve. Says I could use a DPDT switch which would have to be z wave but I am not finding anything cheap and easy…
Any thoughts?

It mentions Arduino I would look at @ogiewon’s STAnything Project:
[RELEASE] ST_Anything v2.9.2 - Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 to ST via ThingShield, Ethernet, or WiFi

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I posted this in your other thread asking the same question. Have you looked into using FortrezZ’s MimoLite. Several folks have already done what you’re trying to do. If you have a wiring diagram for that valve, can you post it here? Personally I’d go with the 5 wire because you can get the built in open/close sensor and other good features.


Well there is another valve you could get, where if power is removed, it closes.
Then all would need to use in one of my twenty z wave outlets to turn on and off.

For about 20 bucks more you could get this: (no need for an external switch or relay because it’s all built in with battery backup)

I have these and they work great with SmartThings.

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