How can I block my wife from playing certain songs from spotify

(Leonardo) #1

So, my wife is having too much fun telling google assistan to play fart noises in every room that I go. These Fart noises are being play from spotify
This is absolutely not a laughing matter :neutral_face:


(Johan Karlquist) #2

easy, just tell google assistant to play “fat man/women walking” every time she’s going into a rum, i promise she will quit doing the fart thing fast.

(Jimmy) #3

Best thread of 2018 :joy:

(Eric) #4

thanks for the tip. Usually I have to go to whatever room she is in and make them myself.

You could consider that response - it might slow her down.

(Mike) #5

Just eat some beans and raw onion and leave the real deal with her with the retort… you started it !

(Graham) #6

So why not just start ripping some real farts to go along with the sounds … seems like you’re being given a free pass :wink:


Find out what word combination she is using to invoke the fart noise command

The go into google home app and set up a new routine. Enter in what she is saying into the section that says ‘ when I say’

Then set up what you want google to do when she says it. For example

(Leonardo) #8

Wow, that’s very cool I didn’t know you could do that… I can think of many different things that I can do to mess around with her now lol