How are your battery levels holding up?

In the IDE things log my multi sensors are showing to already be down at 75%. Last week they were reporting 88%. That’s kind of disturbing battery drain for a few weeks.

I’m looking at my logs - what are the numbers that show battery percentage?

I know there is “battery” - but for some of my multi’s they show like “1C” as the number behind it.

In fact my mailbox sensor is the only one that shows an actual number after battery. The others show 1C or 1D mostly…

contactState: 0, accelerationState: 0, temp: 150, battery: 1D, rssi: 82, lqi: 254

@eschuld, this is what I see

Parse returned [Mailbox was closed, Mailbox was inactive, Mailbox was 81°F, Mailbox Battery was 75%, Mailbox was -68 dBm, Mailbox Signal (LQI) was: 100%]

OH!!! I was looking in the wrong place!

That Logs tab is new to me!

I just changed the battery in my Mailbox sensor recently - like 2-3 weeks ago. I’ll have to watch for that in the logs and see here!

Where did you get the log you showed earlier? I have been trying to figure out how to see the actual battery voltage. EDIT: Ah, found the spot you wee looking…still can’t find voltage.

Gotcha, yeah - the page had a pretty big change in the past couple weeks. I haven’t had a chance to look at it much since then. Since I got my hub a couple months ago - that other place was where I would see the logs.

Now if my stinkin’ mailbox would just check in! :wink:

Fun to watch the logs though. My wife just arrived home a few minutes ago and I felt like calling her and asking how her arrival at home or something like that was. :stuck_out_tongue: Just to creep her out a little.

We were going to dinner the other night, my phone was in its car dock and popped up “The Dragon Lady Has left The Building, All Clear” She was not amused.

That’s great!

My wife is a ginger… might have to do something similar. “Code Red” or something. The only issue for now though is until they allow for multiple users/logins - she will get the alert on her phone as well!

Not like we can just run out to the store and buy a large package of AAAA batteries either. (why the heck did they use AAAA? Wouldn’t have been that much larger to use standard AAA’s)

They are about a buck each on Amazon prime…not too bad. It’s more the pain replacing batteries in a couple dozen sensors every few months would be if this drain keeps up.