How are you generating this price list @DaPanda?

Continuing the discussion from GE 12724 3 way light switch with dimmer $15.48:

@GatVlieg Lowes website

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This script can be used with Chrome extension tampermonkey

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Is there a way to use the script with google chrome on an iPhone?

It pains me to ask this, but I’m having issues getting the script into the Android TamperMonkey app. I can usually noodle around a bit to brute force it, but this has me stumped. From the point I bring up the TM app, would some kind soul give me step-by-step on how to create a new script and copy-paste the code? Or if there might be a way to link the code URL without pasting, that would be even better. (I can get to the point where a dummy starter script is presented to me, but I can’t get it to accept my 1.8MB code paste.) Thank you!