How accurate is the Zooz ZSE40

I think this sensor will do what I want, but I need to be sure.

I have mentioned in the past, as I move forward with automation, I want to be able to control lighting, fans, and dehumidifiers based on climate conditions, presence (motion) and ambient lighting.

I will give you an example.

It’s after dark, I want the bathroom light to come on when I go in to do my thing. Now while I am perched upon the throne, I am typically scrolling through stupid FB posts, or reading emails, not super active, but should be enough any decent motion sensor will catch it. That should keep the lights on. Now when I leave, say 3 or 5 min of inactivity, and the light goes out… HOWEVER, my ADT motion sensors can’t sense anything but motion. I want to know also how humid / how rapidly the humidity has risen, so say there is a sudden spike in humidity, it can be assumed that I am using the shower, keep the light on, who wants to shower and shave in the dark after all? And again, humidity drops and motion stops, turn off the light.

Master bedroom fan should come on with X temp, then a couple of degrees more, next speed, and so on. Humidity over certain percentage? Turn on the smart plug the dehumidifier is plugged into…

So the question is, how accurate is the humidity sensor in this one, and what about temp sensor? How sensitive is the motion sensor? Can this data be pulled / used separately in SmartThings?

@TheSmartestHouse do you have specs on device accuracy?

After I posted, I saw their page link to the Youtuber that did the comparison between various multi / motion sensors. It compares favorably to the competitors, with the caveat that it needs the updated DTH installed. No big deal but to get full function, I need to install an RBoy DTH… Good thing I have done a few DTHs already…

I HIGHLY recommend it for humidity sensing. It works great in that area. My fan is typically coming on within 3 minutes of the water running. It works decent for motion. Much better than v1. You can adjust the internal reset period as well. Not that good as an illuminance sensor but using sunset/sunrise typically works great. Never really tested the temp sensor but that is easy tech. Has an offset feature as well. Battery life is improved in v2 as well. Still ended up hard-wiring the one I have because I already had a wire from the v1 I was using.

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Of the functions most likely to be used, illuminance is at the bottom of the list… The requirement really is Temp, and humidity tied for first place, then motion, and at the bottom, as low as it can go illuminance.

Good info to have though…

Slotting them into the plan moving forward.

Slap a contact on the bathroom door to solve the issue with the light going off while doing your thing. I’ve pretty much have my bathrooms nailed down to perfection. Check out this Piston:

There are a few custom handlers available, if you don’t have a subscription with RBoy, you can usethis device handler instead, it works great.

The sensor will report motion instantly (and retrigger according to advanced settings), sensitivity is adjustable. It will check for temperature, humidity, and light changes every 3 minutes and will report any change that meets the reporting threshold (also adjustable in settings). Both temperature and humidity sensors are known to be very accurate, temperature is typically on the dot, while relative humidity is a more challenging thing to measure and we’d say accuracy can be between 2-5%. Remember that the smaller the preset reporting threshold the more accurate and frequent the reports (but also the shorter life for your battery). The light sensor is designed to basically tell dark from light spaces for the purpose of light automation. It will report in % instead of lux but the handler uses a calculation to display the reports in lux as well.

Hi, what is the expected battery life when using cr123 battery?

It should last around 10-12 months with default settings and average use.