Houses with smart home features sell faster [Investopedia]

The Bottom Line
Last year, a survey by Coldwell Banker found that about 33% of agents agreed that houses with smart home features sell faster. Since the inclusion of technology in a home may not drive a sale, opting to add smart tech instead of a brand new kitchen may not be the best choice. But it could be a nice perk for an interested buyer, especially if the buyer is young. Having it already installed and integrated, says Caiello, may just grab a house hunter’s attention.

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I agree for the most part. I wanted a smart home and there are next to none on the market (last year when I bought). I looked at probably close to 500 homes and not one was smart. Its something different, and people like different.

Many people still think a smart home is just being able to turn a light on from your phone. Which is basically the same as hitting a switch (just in a different location). I used to think I wanted a tablet to control everything, but now rarely use the App.

When people are over they are always impressed with the automatic lights, the shades closing at sunset, and being able to Alexa to control things.


Faster, maybe. Depends on the buyer. Even at the end of the article they say it’s not worth is. I’m taking my stuff with me if I move.

@deserteagle - I agree. Using a phone as a switch is misguided unless you are not in the home. I rely on these in this order:

  1. Real automations
  2. Alexa
  3. Routines & Scenes
  4. Wall Switches
  5. Phone/Tablet

My order is fairly close.

Not sure I will take all my stuff if I move. I have about 30 light switches, that when I move in 5 (probably 10) years I will probably just leave behind. Figure it would be time to jump to whatever technology is the new leader.

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I guess it depends on when I move. I saved all of my old stuff (well the stuff that wasn’t from the 80’s). My electrician said he would swap everything back for me if I moved for $500 but that was 20 devices ago, I’d expect $650 now. Probably worth it if I move in the next 2-3 year. God I hope not.