House automation, door lock

I am all about doing fewer things and love automating stuff. Over the past few years, I have used every opportunity to automate my house and it has been working fine. I have never tried to automate the house locks.
We are replacing the front doors and this time we are trying to automate them. We have already bought the door and the company provides entry door installation too. So can we make this door automated ( we want to use this door.) Is there anything we can do about this? If yes do comment below.

It would be helpful if you can share what automation use cases you might have in mind for this.

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Also the current platform.

There are lots of things you can do with Door Automation.

From basic remote lock operations to full fledged systems including patio doors, garage doors, master locks, keypads, lock synchronization and host of ways to automatically manage users (based on location/presence, modes, schedules etc).

Do you have anything specific in mind or are you looking for ideas?