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Hot Water heater turn off?

(George) #1

I have a few water sensors around my home. It occurred to me that they would not do much good if I were not home to turn the main off in the event of a leak. I researched smart water valves and am probably going with the leak gopher. My next thought was, what about the water heater burning out because of no water? I am having difficulty finding a smart 220v 2 pole switch. Does anyone else have experience with a set up like this? Suggestions and ideas welcome please. Thanks.


See the following (this is a clickable link)

(George) #3

Thanks JD. The Aeotec switch looks like it will work in my application. This project is starting to get expensive.



(George) #5

I am doing pretty much the same thing. Years ago I got into X10 equipment. I tried many products, but it is really very unreliable. Once smart devices surfaced I started with plugs. Then it was off to the races with Thermostats, cameras and door locks. I didn’t use Alexa and it was not going to be part of my plan, but, I received one free with one of my orders. Now, I like using the Alexa and have it in several rooms. Makes a decent intercom for my home. You are right it is a hobby that has become addicting.