Hot water/central heating control - dual switching


I’ve purchased a Secure SSR-320 boiler switch/actuator and the device handler i grabbed from here (name thanks Lime Ninja)

The issue i am having is, i can control the HW and CH separately from the app but i want to set up some kind of schedule for each channel - now when accessed from any other smart app the device handler only shows up as a single switch which is labelled as Heating, the main and central switch on the app, this doesn’t control the HW and CH separately.

Is there a way of setting a up a virtual switch or another app that will recognise the HW and CH switched within the handler?

I have attached a pic for (hopefully) Clarity as I’m not always the best at explaining things.


Another candidate for CoRE?

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Hmmmm, i have looked it that general direction, it just scares me a bit. It all looks very complicated and uses funny words.

Saying that, I’m failing to see many/any other options.

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I had the same issue. Trust me it’s worth having a look. Documentation is good, simple to install and it’s intuitive. What you’re looking to do above will probably take less than ten minutes.

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OK, I’ve opened CoRE and the problem is still the same - The device handler, when open has two switches i need to control but when its accessed by another app its only recognised as a single switch, which is not actually related, as far as i can tell, to what i need it to do. See below it shows as Pro test 1 and this only operates a single switch when open is clearly two switches (3 actually).

Am i missing something obvious?

Let’s see if the main man knows…

@ady624 ?

Once you select the main switch from the list it should allow you to use any custom commands when defining an action.


It seems massively over complicated for just switching the HW water on for a few hours each day and the CH in the winter.

I assumed that it would be a fairly simple task given it works if i switch it manually and the technology is ‘supposed’ to work with us.

Clearly i am wrong - maybe ill have another look at CoRE tomorrow when my head is a little clearer, the whole app is very baffling.

Baffling shmaffling - woke up early, fired a few pistons and hey presto, it’s all rolling nicely!

It looks far more complicated than it actually is - i can see a lot more time being spent with CoRE :muscle:t3:



And there goes another one :slight_smile:

Welcome to CORE!

Another satisfied customer, LOL :wink:

Have fun while at it :wink: