Honeywell z-wave thermostat modifications anyone?

Is there someone that has modified the code for the thermostat to show whether the thermostat is in holding, permanent holding, following schedule or what not? Has someone added the feature if one was in schedule mode, to be able to show the modes and times and temperatures for those modes? Or have you just left it on permanent mode mode?

For that to be possible the thermo would have to have the ability of reporting that via zwave command classes. The last time I used a Honeywell thermo, they can’t do that.

That what I did, and still do with my Evolve thermos. I use a SmartApp for scheduling and temp control.

I’m using the 8320 zwave model. It does report the current status to notifications… But I set up the programming for mine and never touch it… except on the rare occasions when i tell Alexa to adjust it.

So you use the honeywell evolve device type?

You’re able to see the thermostat’s schedule state and the schedules it’s programmed for?

Oh no, Evolve is a brand of thermostat. I use to use Honeywell thermostats, but I changed a long time ago.

See I knew I misunderstood… no… I can’t see any of that… ugh… sorry

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No worries :+1: