Honeywell Wi-Fi vs. Z-wave

(Ross) #1

Now that ST supports the Wi-Fi RTH6580WF does the z-wave YTH8320ZW1007/U offer any additional features or benefits when used with ST.

My YTH8320ZW1007/U just arrived today, but I just got the RTH6580WF working yesterday with the new ST device handler. I’m trying to figure out if its worth swapping to the zwave device.

(Mcvoss) #2


I have 2 of the zwave thermostats. There is a problem with some of them, I have one, where the battery backup does not work. If you loose electricity the thermostat wont work until you manually fix the time. You might want to test it in case you have to send it back. I found out to late…

(Ross) #3

Thanks, I’ll be sure to check that if I decide to switch.

Not sure I need to switch to the zwave device since the Wi-Fi version works now.

(Mcvoss) #4

I’d stay with the Wifi, I would have gotten those a year ago if they were supported. Anyone want to buy 2 Honeywell zwave thermostats :slight_smile:

(Ross) #5

I have a new zwave and it sounds like its going back. :sunglasses: