Honeywell Thermostat - using API to measure heating efficiency

I’d like to use the Honeywell API to measure how efficiently and effectively I’m heating/cooling my home, and how much fuel I’m using at different temperature settings and other actions – how much do I save by reducing heat to 45 vs 55 when I’m on vacation, how effective my new windows are at saving energy, etc.

In theory this is very simple to do – the vast majority of thermostats work on a “big-bang cycle”, meaning the heater itself is either On or Off at any given time. Therefore, the total time when the heater itself is ON corresponds directly with resource usage.

I can’t see anywhere in the Honeywell API where I can query the current state of the heater itself: in theory it would be trivial for the API to tell me the the heating circuit is ON right now, or even better, how many seconds in the last minute or minutes in the last hour it was ON for. Am I missing something? Do other smart thermostats provide this information via API? It seems quite important and again would be trivial to provide.

Thank you.

@adobelis, Ecobee thermostats have rich APIs and I did that through the custom ecobee device that I created.

You can create dashboards with data analytics tools such as groveStreams

See this tread for more details: