Honeywell Thermostat event logging

Update: changed the category and feel this may get more visibility in “SmartApp Ideas”…

Looking for an app that will monitor my Honeywell TCC 6000 Thermostat and report how often the heat comes on and/or how long the air handler is powered. In my Device List, the Thermostat has a “List of Events”, but making sense of it appears rather arduous. So, my question is this; is there a smart app already created, or is there (maybe) an IFTTT app that anyone knows of that would do what I’m looking to do? Simply put, if there was a smart app that could assemble the event list into a readable format to show event counts and duration of each event, it would complete my smart home (until the next crazy idea). Thanks!

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I also want to cry every time I see the logs in the app but the Device log are pretty clear to me. Are you having different logs than:

Actually, no. It looks exactly the same, with the exception being temperature values (mine are F°). I guess I’m just looking to simpifly what is seen there into a chart or graph. Or better still, if there was a way to export it to Excel, I could create my own reports.