Honeywell Smartapp no longer working

Last week the app reported losing the credentials. Ensured my user name and password at Honeywell was correct. Entered the password into the app again and when I went to name each thermostat none of the 3 show up. Attempted to remove and reinstall but get an error and won’t remove. Also I’ve rebooted all devices.

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Are you in the US or UK (they are different sets of APIs)? I haven’t seen trending reports or received word from Honeywell that something is going on, but if you email support@, we can dig into this.

This happened to me twice in last week or so. I just updated my credentials and it works again. We’ll see how long till I have to re-enter them again. :frowning:


Completely broken for me right now, I get unauthorized on stock and custom device handlers.

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