Honeywell Maintenance (January 31, 2019)

My Honeywell Lyric Thermostat has become unresponsive… When I went into the native Honeywell app, my thermostat was not there and I was unable to re-add. After contact support, they are currently performing maintenance (Odd during the middle of the day) and stated that it may be unavailable though the day but should still work manually.

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I had the exact same issue.
Honeywell home “maintenance” has been ongoing for several days and is to last into February. honeywell home is blowing up about it because people can’t remotely check temperatures during the arctic cold outbreak in the US.
Their system page says “normal”, but the outgoing message on their support line says there are known issues. I’m guessing they are doing a system transfer of some sort post spin-off from honeywell into Resideo and it’s really messed things up for users.

I received an email from Honeywell about a week or so ago stating that they will be doing maintenance, and cloud connections would sporadically be down, for a few weeks.

What an odd time of year to do maintenance!
As a heating engineer planned maintenance to heating systems ideally gets done during the summer periods off peak usage times, not during January when it’s freezing !