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Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat

(Justin L Allison) #104

My t5 is now working with smart things. Followed the above instructions just like i have before but this time it worked! I can confirm that i am able to change all settings from the ST app.

(Cody Farmer) #105

alas the first smart devise I ever bought is now integrated with SmartThings. my lyric t5 works great. been testing last couple days. finally


In my SmartThings app no thermostats show up at all… not even the T5 (I’ve been waiting ages for the T6 integration). Is it because I’m in the UK or am i missing something?

(Cv) #107

Bought a lyric t5 advertised as working with smartthings. I do not see any lyric t5. Or any lyric at all. Do we need to manually add it?
I have a v2 smarthub

(Dan P Parker) #108

Under Marketplace > Things > Thermostats > Honeywell, Lyric is the first one listed…though it’s not the T5.

(Cv) #109

I didnt explain myself. I cannot add my thermostat in the smartthings app. I tried all 3 options and none work

(Bernie H) #110

IS that the new app?? I know it’s missing devices.

(Jimmy) #111

That is the new app. Add it through the classic app.

(Cv) #112

Thanks. That solved the issue. Switched to classic app and was able to easily add it. Thanks!

(JIm) #113

Is the DTH code available anywhere for the T5?

(WideSmiler) #114

I eventually gave up, sold my T5 used, and bought an EcoBee. I had spent hours… and hours… trying to get my T5 to work (not even integrating with ST, just getting it to WORK), back and forth with customer support, it was a nightmare. It was so bad that Honeywell even sent me a new T5, and that one didn’t work either! **To clarify, by “didn’t work” I mean that it would not connect to our wifi. It had previously been connected, then one day it just stopped connecting even though we had made no changes to our wifi nor internet setup. We went through every troubleshooting step I could find on Honeywell’s help site, then on forums, and in direct communication with Honeywell support. For months we had a T5 thermostat mounted on the wall that had no “smart” functions since it wouldn’t connect – making it a very expensive basic programmable tstat :-).

10 minutes after wiring the EcoBee in, I had it up and running, programmed, connected to the wifi, and managing both heat/AC. Been great ever since. I’ll never go back to Honeywell, which is a bummer since I was previously a loyal advocate (have several properties, bought Honeywell smart thermostats for all of them and recommended to others in the past).

It looks like in newer threads that somehow T5 is now working with ST, which is great, but its too late for me. EcoBee is worth every penny more and worked from the day I brought it home flawlessly.


I also went with EcoBee. Costco had a killer deal on the 3 with 3 sensors. Never happier.

(Anthony Vecchio) #116

Hi, could you explain how you integrated the t5 directly with ST, not using IFTTT or Stringify? Although the new app lists the lyric this is a different protocol and is for the older “round” model only.
Thank you

(Cody Farmer) #117

I used The round and it worked. There is no t5 link but if You use The round lyric it should work


@csuk @Tyler @kurt_jones @justin16 I bought two Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostats this past summer (2018). My decision was driven mainly because of integration to my Honeywell Lyric security panel. Later I added SmartThings, but opted to use a Samsung ST controller for home automation because the Honeywell Lyric panel does not support Z-Wave Plus. BTW, the two T5s “integrate” very loosely on the Honeywell “Total Connect” side - I have to externally connect the Honeywell “Total Connect 2” app to the “Honeywell Home” app where the T5 data resides. Integration within the Honeywell ecosystem is weird.

I integrated the two T5 thermostats to ST a few days ago (that was BEFORE reading this long thread). The integration seemed to go just fine (no errors), but today I looked at the thermostats in the IDE and found that there has been no data activity subsequent to the integration. In ST Connect Classic (on IOS), I see the T5s, but with the original temperature readings frozen at integration time. The curious thing is that during the integration, ST was able to read all the data from the T5 thermostats:

When looking at the T5 Events, I see all the initial readings brought into ST during integration, but subsequent to that, the only data I am getting is the outdoor temperature. There are no further data from the T5s flowing to ST:

Is there some way to get the thermostats and ST communicating? It seems like I am SO CLOSE!

(Kurt Jones) #119

Why are you not using the Honeywell Lyric (Connect) SmartApp for the T5?

(Kurt Jones) #120

Show me a screenshot of the information that is above Status ONLINE in your first screenshot. I want to see what Type is selected.


Did I choose the wrong SmartApp?



Kurt, here’s the list of Honeywell Devices available to me in the IDE after selecting “Create Device” and using dropdown “Type”:


I think the ST integration is actually working. I have two thermostats, one for the main furnace (t’stat in Living Room) and one for an auxiliary furnace to warm the new addition in the rear of the house (t’stat in Rear Hall). We are away and they are both set to 55 degrees F. The Living Room t’stat is holding the room steady at 55. The Rear Hall t’stat is fluctuating between 55F and 57F. I think this is because there is a bit of overlap between the two zones - heat from the front part of the house is fed via some old ductwork to the new addition. The rear part of the house is also fed via some new ductwork from the new auxiliary furnace. So the rear fluctuates 55 to 57 when the front (LR) furnace kicks on. The rear t’stat is showing the fluctuations. The front (LR) t’stat is showing a steady 55F. I’ll adjust it a degree up or down and see if the changes show in ST.

Here is the data from the rear t’stat moved into Excel. The only thing a bit peculiar is I never see a value of 56 - it oscillates 55 to 57.