Honeywell Home and SmartThings Multiple Locations - Thermostats Going Offline

Hi, I have two locations that have both SmartThings hubs and Honeywell thermostats. The thermostats are predominantly T6 and one is a T10. So WiFi devices and managed through Honeywell Home. I have the thermostats defined in 2 locations in the Honeywell Home app and corresponding locations in SmartThings. Until a few months I was able to have the Honeywell Home thermostats connected and online in their SmartThings location. Now I’m finding that the thermostats go offline (not connected) in SmartThings for one location or the other. Which location seems to be determined by which was the last location i added - having deleted and re-added several times, with multiple configurations. Right now I have all of the thermostats connected under a single location in SmartThings, which is working, however of course not longer enables me to view them in context of their location or include them in scenes etc.

I’ve seen some interesting discussions about the changes in DTHs over time. Is this perhaps another symptom of those?