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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?

(Mark Stickley) #122

Excited for this to be released officially! Just had my evohome setup installed today so can’t wait to integrate it into ST :slight_smile:


@Joe-UK, Hi Joe. I installed the official Evohome support and its iworking great. I can see all my zones inside smartthings. Next steps are now to automate Evohome using input from Smartthings:

Open Window and then switch Evohome zone lower temperature.
I installed Thermostat off Smartapp. This app will switch off the Thermostat when a specific door open sensor indicates that its open. The problem is that all Evohome zones are then switched off. Meaning my office is getting cold because the living room has an open door. Instead you want to set the specific Evohome zone to a lower temperature

It uses this code:

def turnOff() {
log.debug "Preparing to turn off thermostat due to contact open"
if(isOpen()) {
log.debug "It’s safe. Turning it off."
state.thermostatMode = thermostat.currentValue(“thermostatMode”)
state.changed = true
log.debug “State: $state”
} else {
log.debug “Just kidding. The platform did something bad.”

What parameters are available to specify the zone (i.e. living room) and switch that zone to lower temperature? For example replace into thermostat.temp(Livingroom,16) (in degrees C :wink:). And then when the door is closed again switch back that zone to normal schedule: thermostat.schedule(Livingroom).

Goodbye/I’M back Routine
These routines allows me to set the Thermostat to a specific temperature. Instead I would like to use the different modes of Evohome for example to Away and Eco mode and normal schedule.

Can we automate the Goodbye/I’m back routines using the different Evohome modes?


Repeating above question. Can we have any documentation on the possible settings we can use? It would be nice if we can automate Evohome. Currently I have no clue how because we have no documentation on this implementation or can we get access to the source code please???


Don’t expect too much from the official app, or official support.

Have you read the below thread? It may help.

(Aaron S) #126

There are changes being implemented to both sides of the APIs (see this thread). There was a bit of learning when we released the Honeywell thermostats and are making changes before the Evohome goes out.

The Evohome will probably not be able to trigger Routines out of the box (to prevent an edge case like a cold day accidentally kicking on I’m Back when the heat fires). I do not have a complete capability list yet, but will flag the request so that the community can potentially have access for custom SmartApps.


I dont get it why routines cannot automate evohome? The Routines already allow you to set a temp value for your thermostat. The problem is that this temp value is permanent and Evohome stops following schedule.

Found out how to delete :slight_smile:

(Aaron S) #128

The ability for Routines to automate Evohome modes has a slightly different limitation than going the other way (Evohome changes triggering routines) - which is what I thought you meant in the previous post.

To clarify, Routines let you customize (<-yes I’m american) actions at different times you choose, but are really a basic start point for automation. The options for Routines are pretty much static - they don’t hide/show based on devices you have connected. While Evohome will be the first official thermostat in the UK, there are a few different options in the US - and they all have different capabilities and Routines was not designed for all the cases. I will investigate the Routine sending a “permanent hold” temperature (I suspect the intention was for the temperature to hold until the next programming milestone).

With all of the above said… as the thermostat ecosystem becomes more mature, you will start seeing more SmartApps (under Marketplace>SmartApps>Climate Control) that are really capable of leveraging the different features for each thermostat.

(Suleman Bhikha) #129

Hi I was on the beta and had only one issue. I have two evo home controllers but when logging in I can only add one unit. Is there anyway I can add both units to see all zones


Would love to help on getting some smartapps there for evohome :grinning:. But we need some documentation on the possibilities we have. Any indication when this will be available?

(Aaron S) #131

@Suleman.Bhikha I will look into this. The Evohome is meant to be “the thermostat to rule them all” (multiple units, zones, etc.) - not sure the limitation is on our side or theirs.

@gebla documentation for all the Honeywell integrations is currently under development. I’m not sure the ETA yet bc we are working through some API limitations (on both sides) to get the Evohome certified.

(Chris) #132

I have same problem with release version. Only the community’s version picked up both Evohome units. Looks like the Smartthings release is missing the step to select on Honeywell site- from memory Honeywell refer to each thermostat as a site

(Suleman Bhikha) #133

@Aaron has there been any progress on having multiple units yet.

(Ina Kutscher) #134

I’m also eagerly waiting to see how things develop, I’ve been planning to buy Evohome for a while now but was waiting for the official ST integration. Then I was on the verge of buying when I found this thread but when I read the last posts with the comments that things are currently not working I decided to wait a little longer.
I’ve got a more general question, though. How do you best use Evohome with the ST integration (assuming it’s working). Do you set up all schedules for the thermostats with ST and not use the Evohome scheduler or do you define like a “regular” schedule with the Evohome application and only have ST interfere with this schedule when things change (e.g. vacation, day off, coming home early …). I’m also not quite sure which functions are available in both Evohome and ST or if there’s some functions only available in one application. Any suggestions and pointers are greatly appreciated.


I am thinking of getting the Evohome to replace my nest.

This is what I need here right?

Along with the individual rad zones.

(Paul Ockenden) #136

Speak to Richard at The Evohome Shop -

Probably one of the most knowledgeable people out there on Evohome.

Also, have a browse through this forum: You’ll find a few moans there, but that’s only due to the nature of the forum - most of us there love our Evohome systems.


(Iain) #137

@Aaron are we any closer to defining ‘soon’?

(Aaron S) #138

In a metaphysical sense we are closer than we were before. The changes to the APIs for reliability are requiring some back and forth. I am not promising a date or deadline, but as a general order of magnitude it sounds like we are looking at weeks (as opposed to days or months).

(Jack) #139

I really hope this is sorted ready for the colder months. The promise of evohome support on the smartthings website was a big part of the reason I bought it. Fingers crossed!

(Aaron S) #140

Are there non-cold months in the UK? I felt woefully unprepared in August…

I’m not promising dates, but we’re working with Honeywell on it

(Arnoud) #141

Ok, I hope it gets rolled out soon, but for now there is no need to adjust the heating in the current weather :slight_smile:

I did notice that the installed SmartApp for my UK (actually NL) Honeywell setup is no longer working. I installed it during the “oops we did not plan to release it yet”-period and it worked fine for a while, but somewhere in the past weeks it stopped working. Oh well, back to the Honeywell App for now…