Honeywell Dimmer switch dim level—how to set it to 15%?

Hello I’m trying to use IFTTT to create a rule to set my honeywell dimmer switch to 15% at a certain time when turned on. Smartthings only allows 10% or 20%. Tried to add the switch via honeywell services in IFTTT but I couldn’t find an option for switches. Any help is appreciated

What’s the model number of the switch?

Model # 39351

That’s a Z wave switch, the Honeywell services is for their Wi-Fi devices. That’s why the switch isn’t showing up there.

It will show up in IFTTT under smartthings, though, so you should be able to find it there. :sunglasses:

It does show up under smartthings in IFTTT however the options for rules are very limited

Sorry, very new to these smart devices and configuring rules.

IFTTT is very limited, it’s just intended for simple integrations. You can do much more with smartthings without IFTTT. :sunglasses:

See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

All of that said, before we go any farther, did you look to see if using a scene will let you set it to 15%? Scenes work differently in the new app and the classic app, and since neither is voice navigable at this time I’m not up-to-date on all the details. But if you can set it to 15% with a scene, then you could just activate the scene.

Otherwise, take a look at the options in the FAQ. :sunglasses:

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Bingo! I falsely assumed scenes would have the same settings. Dimming has a slider for 0-100% under scenes. Your the man! Thank you very much!

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