Honeywell 9000-series integration - SmartApps

We needed a new HVAC system and I swapped out our CT-100 thermostats for Honeywell 9000s at the same time. I’ve integrated the Honeywells to ST via TCC, but am still having some issues recreating my automations.

I previously used Thermostat Manager to turn off the system when a window was open. However, it doesn’t seem to recognize the new thermostats. I found Thermostat Mode Director in the new ST app, but it has the same issue.

Is there a way to use the Honeywells in these SmartApps? If not, any workarounds?

The 9000 series if a WiFi thermostat and so it has a Cloud to Cloud integration from the manufacturer. They may not have made the integration show all the required ST thermostat capabilities and hence you won’t see them.

There is one issues here which is unresolved by ST. The new standards don’t specify a generic thermostat capability (they have separate cool and heat capabilties) where as the older specs supported all 3 (thermostat, heat and cool). Most apps you’re using use the generic thermostat capability (to make it easier as it should be) and if the manufacturer to didn’t include the generic thermostat capability it won’t work with these apps. You’ll have to ask the manufacturer to add support for the generic thermostat capability (which is easy in principle). Other you’ll have to use the Z-Wave Honeywell thermostats to be able to use these apps (Z-Wave device handlers support all 3, generic thermostat, heat and cool).

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Thanks for the info. I was able to recreate Thermostat Mgr’s window function through automations as a workaround.


Found this thread doing a search trying to help someone else on the Thermostat Manager thread. Just wanted to let you know that I added in support of these alternative device capabilities in a later build of Thermostat Manager (released in January). 2 other guys with 9000’s report that it is functioning properly now. You might want to give it a try.