Homey hub - coming to U.S. 2018


I can hear my wife already. “What’s that new thing on the shelf?”


Its list of supported communication protocols is interesting … would be a WIN if it was all locally processed though

As I understand it is all local and everything is saved on the device (sure it mentions back up aswell). But as with all things there are particular things that will always run in the cloud for all systems IE if you uses your phone as a present sensor. But the rules system looks a bit basic nothing like WebCoRE

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Homey has never had a back up and has been faulted for that in a number of reviews. They keep saying they would like to, but it’s pretty clear that they don’t understand what the technical process would be.

The following is the Vesternet deep dive review from just a few months ago:


And this is a forum discussion. Just be aware that most of what people are saying there about why it can’t be done just isn’t true. You’ll notice they also contradict each other, with some people saying it can’t be done for zwave and some people saying it can only be done with Z wave. So I’m not including this thread because I want you to pay any attention to any individual posts, just to the staff comments that they don’t have it now but they hope to eventually.

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They just lost me after I read this

“we found that we couldn’t access the local web UI at all on the initial visit, without first logging in to the Homey Cloud - the local IP address of the Homey simple diverts to the Homey Cloud and requires you to log in before going any further.”