Homeseer hs-wd200+ with the new app

Hi all,

I use 3 Homeseer HS-WD200+ switches with the old home security. I use Webcore to update one of their LEDs when the security mode changes.

I know that I can’t do this through the new app’s security.

Is the only way to create virtual switches and use a new automation to update those when the mode changes? Then update webcore to react to those?


Virtual switches are probably the best bet at the moment. Two options really:

  • Some users like to use virtual switches as a proxy for the security mode in third party apps, and use these apps ( such as webCoRE) as if they were processing the security mode changes. I find that is OK for reading the modes, but can get very messy for setting them. It will be possible to proxy the security mode more elegantly when custom capabilities are implemented in automations (that isn’t even in developer preview yet). You may also choose to believe STHM access will be extended to other apps at some point. I am not so sure.

  • My preferred approach would be to use a virtual switch as a proxy for the status LED in an Automation, and then use webCoRE to map that switch to whatever actually needs to happen. When custom capabilities allow the LED to be controlled directly from the Automation you can remove the webCoRE element.

Yeah, seeing as how the SHM access was a fluke in the first place, I don’t anticipate Webcore or any other automation gaining access to it.

That’s not a bad idea. Though, it splits the encapsulation, as I have logic to control all 7 LEDs on 3 switches (though, I control all the LEDs in unison for the time being). It’s nice to have all the logic in one spot in Webcore. Someone said the new system does not have virtual momentary buttons? But I don’t think that’s the case.

Depends what they mean. I believe the stock Momentary Button Tile plays up but you can easily make one that doesn’t.

If they mean the tiles in the UI that let you run custom commands, then that will need custom capabilities to replicate. They exist and work but the UI side isn’t quite ready yet.