Homeseer HS-WD200+ - Core Issue with Status Lights?

Hey Guys, newbie here with ST. I have purchased a few WD-200+ light switches. I have the device handler and the CoRE app downloaded. I have assigned different pistons to indicate specific LEDs. However, once I program in a second piston (to notify of a different event), it lights both different pistons status LEDs even though only one action is being triggered. In example I have set LED 1 to turn red (1) and blink (1) when there is motion at the door. That works great. When I attempted to add a status indicator for when the sliding glass door is open (LED 4, Yellow 5, Steady 0) and open the door to test my piston both the 4th LED and the 1st LED light up their respective color, but there is no motion at the door. Anyone ideas or heard about any of these issues?

I’m a WebCoRE dummy (I need a comprehensive tutorial :slight_smile:), but it looks like you are never turning the LED OFF. You turn it on, but then you just switch back to “normal” mode from “status” mode (your “else” statement). I think it remembers the state of the LEDs even though you go back to normal mode (I might be wrong on this, though!). My only other thought is you are using a condition instead of a trigger–I just got my series 200 switches a few weeks ago, but I use a trigger to turn the LEDs on/off. Such as when contact “changes to”…I’m still not sure which is better. Even after reading the conditions vs. triggers thread on the webcore forum.