HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)

Ok thanks. The GE switches are on my ST hub but I guess they still couldn’t be controlled by the Homeseer switch?

The GE switches which are also Z wave devices can be controlled by the homeseer switch. The GE add on switches only communicate through the physical traveler wires to the master. Not directly to the hub. So it depends on the exact model.

Thanks, I know they’re z wave but I wasn’t aware of the ability to have the switches communicate like that . I only have a few GE 17724’s at this point. It’s a brave new world.

What version number are you at and what platform is that… iOS? Maybe @Darwin can chime in on this.

I would like to see a lit when off feature as well for these dimmers, but it is unfortunately not supported by the HomeSeer firmware. Sorry for the confusion. The lit indicator button was vestigial from the stock dimmer handler and I removed the unused button from the handler back in version 0.15. HomeSeer hasn’t made any commitments with regard to this capability, but they have indicated that they might consider adding it in a future firmware update.

Ah thanks, that makes sense. I saw that HomeSeer had a video posted about programming the dimmer switch to dim to 1% so the bottom LED would be lit but your lights wouldn’t be, but someone had commented that that isn’t true for all light bulbs, which is the case for mine as well.
Thanks for the answer.

dragon tech appears to be an importer and not a mfg. i would bet GE/Jasco, Dragon Tech, and HomeSeer are all made in the same factory in china. Since the processor/radio IC must be purchased from the z-wave alliance, some one should try to flash the GE/Jasco switch with the DT’s firmware, i would bet you could flash back if needed. Just need to have Gen 5 device (which is the processor/radio IC), which are firmware upgradeable.

Dragon Tech fcc info
Grantee Code: 2ABWC
Rm. 302 Hanley House, 776-778 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong China
Registered on 02/20/2014 by Leo Lin

also listed in canada
517-1177 Hastings St W
VANCOUVER, British Columbia
V6E 2K3;jsessionid=00013iqSEqgOmnf9Re5pYDsJ3RH:-44DMJN?lang=eng&prtl=1&sbPrtl=&estblmntNo=234567150170&profile=cmpltPrfl&profileId=1921&app=sold&searchNav=F

URL ( is only used email server.
hosted by HostGator

GE/Jasco switches are imported or mfg by Sheenway Asia Ltd. Sheenway Asia Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of electronic parts and electronic communications equipment.

Sheenway url is listed by or connected to Tech-trans System Ltd.

What is weird is that i’m only three connections away from people at tech-trans on linkedin.

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So I added the handler like this: erocm123 : HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Dimmer Switch

I changed my dimmers to use the handler but now from the smarthings app, I can no longer turn on & off the lights which worked when they were generic Z-wave dimmer

Is that intended or did I do something wrong ? Is there a way to enable it ?
Sorry for the basic nature of this question but I feel like I’m in the wild-west of smartthings right now …

You should be able to turn on and off the lights from the smartthings app. I don’t quite understand what you mean by [quote=“limeyx, post:149, topic:44129”]
I added the handler like this: erocm123 : HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Dimmer Switch

I mean I added the handler, then set my device to use it.

I can see the on/off status in the app

but when I press to turn on or off it says “Turning on” or “Turning off” and then fails to do so.

I’ll check it again when I have time later

And now with no changes it works fine … awesome

So, according to:

My 2 GE on/off switches are local devices, but my Homeseer HS-WD100+ is not? I’m still learning the ins and out of local vs remote features. Can anybody shed some light as to why my Homeseer dimmer is not a local device and is it possible to tweak something so that it does show up on my local device list?

Unfortunately I wasn’t home to see, but our electrician was wiring 3 new front porch lights for us.

I bought the Dragon Tech dimmer from Amazon.

The new lights each have 4 candelabra bulbs. I put led candelabras in them (filament style LEDs that I know work with Lutron Diva led dimmer).

The electrician said the LEDs were flickering and that it’s the dimmer.

Seems weird as I figured the Dragon Tech should be more capable than a basic Lutron dimmer right??

No, Lutron are probably the best engineered switches out there. They hold a number of patents specifically on lighting and pretty much lead in every category. They are the least likely switches to cause flickering. They just don’t integrate directly with SmartThings.

And when it comes to good/better/best divisions, the DragonTech are definitely a value brand in the “good” category.

Are the bulbs specified as dimmable bulbs?

Different LED dimmers apparently react differently to different switches. I’m not sure if it’s a quality thing or if it’s just one piece of technology headbutting with another.

Regardless, I have the Homeseer HS-WD100+ which, aside from some different firmware, I believe is the exact same hardware as your Dragon Tech dimmer. I can attest, at least for my dimmer, that these bulbs: have worked beautifully. No flicker at any levels that I’ve seen. You can buy these on Amazon also if you so desire!

*Edit: I see @JDRoberts beat me to the punch here. And I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong about Dragon Tech and Homeseer being the same hardware. (If it’s not that, it was another brand…) :stuck_out_tongue:

They are candelabra bulbs so really not as many options.

Again, the work fine with a normal $23 Lutron Diva led dimmer. They are dimmable bulbs.

Any suggestions on a different dimmer for z-wave. Or a different solution to automate these outdoor lights?

You have a couple of options.

It’s quite possible that the load just isn’t high enough for the switch. I am not sure with the dragontech with the minimum load is. But usually it’s the more expensive switches, particularly the high-end Leviton’s and the Cooper’s, which are better at dimming down low, which also means they are better at dealing with a small load.

Currently it’s 6 4w Led bulbs. However there are still 2 more lights to wire so total will be around 13 bulbs for a total wattage around 50w.

Is it possible adding the additional wattage will make he Dragon Tech dimmer work properly?

Yes, that could make a big difference. A lot of these switches have a minimum load of around 20 W. 50 should be plenty.

@Navat604 or one of the other electrical experts in the community could say more.

[quote=“DrZ123, post:159, topic:44129”]
Is it possible adding the additional wattage will make he Dragon Tech dimmer work properly?
[/quote]It is easy to test if that is the issue. Simply put a regular incandescent candelabra bulb in one of the sockets to see if that fixes the problem. I am a little suspect though because usually adding more load is needed on LED’s that are non-dimmable type.

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