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HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)

(Brent Haag) #273

Are you using a SmartApp like Advanced Button Controller? As far as I know, that is the only way to utilize the double and triple taps.



I am actually using the Darwin one, not ABC. I tried to load ABC but it did not work because when I tried to associate the Device Handler ABC with the Homeseer switch, it kept reverting back to the one I had before which is the Darwin one. So not sure what I am doing wrong.

Also, the dimmers dim very slow and turn on very slow as well :frowning:


(Brent Haag) #275

I think there might be some confusion. A smart app and a device handler are two completely different things. You need the device handler by Darwin, but you need the ABC smart app to add functionality of the double and triple taps. If you are in your IDE, these are 2 separate areas/pages.

Also, you can adjust the dim ramp rate once you have the device handler installed–tap the gear icon when you are in the device’s page in the ST app on your phone or tablet.



Great. Thank you. I installed the ABC as a Smart App and now it works. Need to figure out how to use it though. But as for the Ramp Time, do I adjust it in DARWIN or ABC?
I’ve attempted to do so in Darwin, but thought it became a bit faster, it is still slow compared to adjusting the ramp time in HomeSeer once the switch is paired (included) into that system instead.


(Brent Haag) #277

Go to the “thing” in ST in the “my home” page and go into the configuration/settings (look for the gear icon in the top right) of the switch.



Sorry about the delay. The association works for both single tap and double tap. The idea is that a basicSet command is sent to devices in the AssociationGroup2 when a single tap is applied and a basicSet command is sent to devices in AssociationGroup3 when there’s a double tap.

Also, the ST hub is part of the AssociationGroups so it always receives a basicSet command.


(Eric Anderson) #279

This is a old thread and I really don’t want to read the whole thing, does smarthings have a native device handler now?

i’m guessing not, so i’ve installed darwins device handler: HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)
which works. double tap and tripple tap register for the device in the ipad app.

i installed ABC app: [BETA] Advanced Button Controller (ABC) but when i hit “New Button Device Mapping” the app appears to lock up, the spinning wheel doesn’t go away!

any ideas??

ok i think i’ve figured this out, on the first mapping there is a line above new button device mapping, hit that and create your first mapping and your good…

I’m using the dragon tech switches…


(Eric Anderson) #280

Scene control works on traveler switch also GE traveler switch works with dragon tech switch.
Only draw back on dragon tech switches is led is white, not blue.



Hi guys,

I somehow mucked things up and I cant seem to find the fix. Everything was working fine until I tried to make some updates.

What I had:
HS-WD100+ running FW 5.14 using the DH “Darwinsden : WD100+ Dimmer” with Button Controller Plus.
Double and triple taps registered in the smartapp and things were great.

Then I heard that I could add buttons 7 & 8 and I went on a mission to update (read: break) stuff.

What I did:
Installed the ABC smartapp, updated the DH to pull the latest WD100+ Dimmer from GitHub, and then updated the switch firmware (using the HomeSeer Smartstick+) to 5.19.

Whats happening now:
Physical single tap to upper/lower paddles turns lights on/off and I can control the switch from the iOS app or smartapps, but double/triple taps dont register anywhere (Livelog on IDE or events in the Recently tab of the iOS app) and ABC or Button Control Plus smartapps are not responding to taps from the switch.

Anyone have any ideas of what I did wrong or how I should go about trying to troubleshoot?

(Thanks in advance…the ST community is the best)


(Jared) #282

I have a use case and trying to find a switch that will fulfill it. Can anyone help me out with this?

I want to have an in-wall z-wave switch controlling a light with smart bulbs. If the bulbs are powered but in the off state, I want the switch up event to trigger them to turn on (through smartthings). I have tested a GE z-wave switch and it can’t do this because if it is already on, it will not send any more button presses to smartthings when you press on again.

Will the homeseer switch do this for me? If it is already in the on state, will another tap up on the paddle send another button event?



Yes, the device handlers will send a button 7 event (single tap up) even if the HomeSeer switches are on. This was added a while back per suggestion from @partytime-excellent, although I haven’t heard if this functionality ended up working for him. The final HomeSeer switch device handler feature summary and button mappings are detailed in the release thread:


(JimMay3) #284

A smart bulb (wifi, zwave, zigbee) should always have power, thus having another zwave switch control it would remove power ocasionally, thus not recommend, unless I’m not understanding you. Got more info?



@bellevino, did you ever figure out the issue here? Have you tried excluding the switch and then re-adding to the hub?


(Jared) #286

Yes you are correct. But I want a system that will both be easy for wife/guests to use, and work when internet is down.

I want to eventually have all wall switches replaced with smart switches. Rather than blocking off the ones with smart bulbs so they can’t be used, I still want a switch there just in a way that it can be used to turn on the bulb in any circumstance.

I hope that makes sense. I haven’t discovered any better solution.


(JimMay3) #287

Custom device handlers will not work without the internet, so much for local processing on the v2 hub, there’s fa ew exceptions. Switch will turn on off, but special double, triple tap and hold will not until they make this a special white listed certified DH.


(Jared) #288

Right, my goal is to have at least basic on/off when internet goes out.

The way I see many people setting up their smart home, nothing will work when internet goes out. I don’t want that.


(JimMay3) #289

The switches still turn the lights on and off without the internet, just not automation unless it’s a white listed device which the WD and WS-100 are not yet.


(Sean) #290

Yes, the device handlers will send a button 7 event (single tap up) even if the HomeSeer switches are on. This was added a while back per suggestion from @partytime-excellent, although I haven’t heard if this functionality ended up working for him.

Hey Darwin - I just wanted to confirm that I did get this working. Sorry I never came back to the thread! Thanks again for adding button 7 & 8. I use a single tap on these switches to toggle Hue bulbs on a completely different circuit. Now it works to do, regardless of the on/off state of the switch when I press it.

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Yes, excluding the switch and re-adding it did the trick. Thanks for the help!!

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(Jonathan) #292

I have one of these switches that was working properly with double-tap, hold, triple-tap, etc. It’s stopped working. Anyone know how I can restore that functionality? In the smart app, tapping configure only makes it blink. The switch says it’s on firmware 5.17 is there a new or better handler for this?