HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)

EDIT: Thanks, agree. [incorrect and misleading information - deleted].

The link below shows all of the DTHs that run locally (last I checked). All custom code is cloud based. The only SmartApps that run locally are SHM and Smart Lighting (and they are only truly local if the devices’ DTHs are local as well).


EDIT - All custom devices do not run locally. I edited this post only to leave what’s true.

You are correct that only Lightning Automation and Home Monitor will run locally, but the Lightning Automation is such powerful smart app (I run most of my automatons using it) making it hardly a limitation.
The two prominent examples in my case are Xiamoi wireless switch (button) and Xiamoi and Ecobee motion sensors all of . I use them to turn lights on and off around the house. A press on a xiaomi switch will turn on (GE switched) light instantly (as fast as using the primary switch), but with homeseer as primary switch there is 1-3 seconds delay. Same experience with motion detection to turn on light - and these are all automations you can run using the Smart Lightning smartapp.

That seems odd to me. Every custom DTH I use does not run locally. Only ones that use the DTHs in the list I supplied do, including my Ecobee devices.

Homeseer have a delay not because of local processing but because of triple tap functionality. The switches wait to see if you will press it multiple times. Also I don’t believe they support instant status. ZigBee reporting tends to be faster (thus the Xiaomi).

I’ve also seen odd cases of local processing being slower than cloud processing so delay is not a reliable indicator of cloud vs local processing.


I stand corrected about local processing forcustom DTH.

The delay issue I have with HS is when controlling the switch programmatically such as triggering it with lightning automation. There is also delay for double tap and triple tap but my gripe is with the basic functionality compared to GE .


There is a known issue with GE Z-wave Plus switch & dimmer not update correct status

I have tried GE, and stuck with this issue.
Just ordered some HomeSeer and waiting for them arrive to test and compare

Good to know. The non plus ge (12772) are still available on Amazon and work flawlessly. I guess I’ll get few more before they run out. The homeseer will update status on the ST cloud (and ST mobile app) just not on the hub. One annoyance is that if you use iOS homebridge the status will be last status it knew (correct half of the times :slight_smile: )

FWIW have just tested one of my homeseer switches and it no longer update the status in the app (others do). Maybe the zwave repair I did last week… Don’t know… these plus devices seem to have issues. I would stick to non plus devices till ST figure things out.

They do have instant status. You can see some comparative specs here My HS-WD100+ switches have been pretty rock solid for me. Of course that is probably cuz I don’t use iOS HomeKit :wink:

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Thanks you’re right. It’s the Dragon Tech that look identical that apparently don’t have instant status. I have heard of users complaining about the Homeseer manual response time vs other switches (not the status to ST). Figure it must be the triple tap.

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Following the HOMESEER items, has anyone tried yet the HomeSeer Open/Close sensor HS-DS100+?

Just a side note. They are tripping for a reason… You should be plugging those high amperage space heaters in a 20amp dedicated circuit per heater. The typical wall outlet is only non-dedicated 15amp circuits.

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Are the Z-wave products switches the same as the Dragontech & Homeseer? It was mentioned earlier in this thread that was selling dragontech switches with updated firmware supporting the same scene features. All i see are self branded switches that appear to be the same as the dragontech/homeseer switches, but at a better price:


Based on the FCC ID in the manual for the Z wave branded switch, they are just rebranding the DragonTech switch.

I didn’t see anything that specified the firmware level, though.

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…sorry, I had filtered the list to their self-branded switches, but it didn’t carry over in the link. It looks like they do still carry the dragontech auxiliary switch, and it is slightly better priced than their self branded ones.

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Yeah, I realized that after I did my first post. I’ve now updated my post Above with an answer specific to that model. :sunglasses:

anyone tried the HomeSeer HS-DS100+ with smartthing v2 hub?

Hey guys, looking to get this switch. Just had a few questions.

I currently have the GE Z-Wave switch which supports the double tap on and off features using association group 3. The DH U use also adds the hub as one of the nodes so the basic set commands also get sent to the hub. I like that the double tap on and off control the associated switches directly as there’s no hub online processing.

With the Homeseer, my understanding is that it uses the central scene command which sends a scene activation command to the hub. Is it possible to associate specific switches and have this scene activation command also sent to them to avoid having to go through ST processing? I know a bunch of other switches including the GE support scene activation command classes so wondering if it’s possible for the Homeseer to communicate directly with certain switches without going through the hub.


Hello All,

I am semi-new to the smart home scene. I currently have a Homeseer system which I find super complex so I purchased an ST hub instead for simplicity, but though it is fairly simple, I am new to the whole “custom” stuff.

I have the HomeSeer dimmers in each room of the house and want to configure it with the ST hub. I know that there is a Darwin script available which I’ve already added as a device handler, then went into My Devices and changed the device handler to the handler I added from Darwin for one of the dimmer switches.

I cannot seem to get the double tap and triple tap to work. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong, but non of the buttons work within the device handler with the exception of pressing the ON/OFF for the light.


How does the association work? Is it only a double tap? Is it changeable so it could be single, double or triple tap?

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