HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)

So I am pretty sure I understand how the switch works from reading the thread.

My question just to verify my understanding.

If I operate the switch physically and turn on the light, and then go back and operate the switch again say single press up it will report the event to smartthings because the hub sees it as a button controller right?

Same for any of the other press combinations of up and down. The switch reports independent of the actual load state?

I just want to be sure before I order some when they get back in stock.

I also am ordering some of these (do not have them yet) and would like to use CoRE to control the double/triple tap. Im guessing that in CoRE we would call them as a “button” and reference the button number (listed on @Darwin 's site below). Perhaps @ady624 can confirm from CoRE side.

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One general question. If I order these switches and they come with some old firmwave. How would I upgrade them ? Or would I just RMA/return them and ask for the newer firmware ?

@Darwin absolutely awesome work. I was just deciding what switches/dimmers I wanted came across these. My only doubt was they weren’t going to work with ST. But thanks to you I can get them.

If I understand you correctly YES. I have one of mine in bedroom that actually has no lights connected directly to its LOAD terminals other than a outlet. I use a smartapp that monitors the button actions of the switch in that bedroom to control three separate smart bulbs individually based on how I am pressing, single, double, etc.

Yes. You can get the details on setting it up at a thread here started up by @bamarayne for getting assistance on CoRE applications that might help you best. CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons


@dalec Thanks for answering.

My question was the precursor for using CoRE or something to control a light. Say bathroom night light. So upon motion turn light on load wire (dim whatever) if someone presses button up, double up (whatever) override the nightlight timer logic and leave on.

Or use it to control a ceiling fan light. Then use multiple taps to control the ceiling fan. So if light IA already on. Multi taps up to adjust fan speed.

Just pondering , gathering information before I order switches. I currently have GE dimmers and they DO NOT report physical presses in on direction if the light (switch) is already on.

Thanks again.

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Sounds like a good use case. In my case I have the HS-WD100+ when I enter the room as well as the Aeon Minimote when I am at the bed to control the lights and fans. Of course CoRE will do it all or you can use the built-in SmartThings Smart Lighting app for doing the timer off function and motion on control. It can’t do the fan speed control so you would need a custom smartapp Button Controller Plus or CoRE.

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Thanks again for the confirmation.

I have used all that before so I think I have my head wrapped around how to do it. Just need to order some switches.

If I would have understood that the GE dimmers didn’t report and known about this switch I would have went this way from the start. Self education can be expensive!! :slight_smile:


@dalec - Can you please explain a little further on how you are using the single press after the light switch is already on?

I’ve been using these switches/dimmers with Button Controller Plus, which gives me access to double, triple, and hold button functions. I’m also using CoRE to trigger actions from the switch turning on/off. How do I identify and make use of a single tap up when the switch is on, and a single tap down when the the switch is off? Thanks!

[quote=“TN_Oldman, post:226, topic:44129”]
Or use it to control a ceiling fan light. Then use multiple taps to control the ceiling fan. So if light IA already on. Multi taps up to adjust fan speed.
[/quote]Aw snap! I just re-read exactly what you asked here. If I turn the switch OFF and it doesn’t seem to resend an OFF event? Here is how I tested; I have all three bulbs turn on/off with the HD100+ So I turn them OFF using the switch then turn only one smartbulb back ON using the MiniMote. If I tap the HD100+ (which is still in the OFF condition) a second time it is not triggering the one smart bulb to go OFF. So it seems this isn’t what you want?

LOL we posted simultaneously

I asked about this behavior on the HomeSeer forum and received this response from one of the developers:

I assume you are using HomeSeer with an event trigger to detect the paddle press? Use the “set on” trigger. This will trigger when you press the top of the paddle, even if the switch is already on.

So I gather that the switch does indeed send a signal from a single tap event when in the corresponding on/off state. I just don’t know how to find and use that signal in SmartThings. Anyone with more knowledge care to comment? Finding this would make my automations work much better.

@Darwin I think would have an answer for this so I’ll try to pull him in to investigate this from his device handler being able to do it but maybe the guys over in the CoRE thread will be needed as well.

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As long as the switch firmware is able to signal the events as HomeSeer states, the device handler should still send an on or off “physical” event when pressed regardless of whether the switch is currently on or off.

I’m not able to test this right now, but if this doesn’t work with the current device handler for some reason, it sounds like we’ll be able to get it working fairly easily based on HomeSeer’s response.

Thanks for the reply. This is how I’m currently using single taps in CoRE:

Switch List
*_Bedroom Light switch_
* _Changes to_
* _on_

It works great to trigger stuff when changing on/off state. But it sounds like there is another “event” that is sent with physical presses that could be useful when not changing state. We just need to identify what it is so it can be used. …or basically exactly what you just said!

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Wow great info and participation.

I didn’t mean this to snowball, but I am very glad it is. I am anxious to learn more.

I would REALLY like to be able to catch these manual switch events and use it in CoRE. As I’m sure others would too. Not the on /off or off/on. The on to on, or on to multi on. Off to off or off to multi off. Opens huge possibilities for me.

I just don’t have one to play with and help with the discussion / investigation. :frowning:

Would the switch not see the ON to “multi tap in ON direction” as a scene command? Ect… and possibly I could capture that scene command in core to be a trigger?

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Yes, the device handler currently see these as scene commands and then sends a physical on or off event regardless of the current status of the physical relay. What I don’t know is if there is any way currently for CoRE to trigger based on an on or off ‘physical’ event that may or may not be associated with a change to the switch on or off state, similar to how HomeSeer describes this operation. Tagging @ady624.

Regardless, unless there are any unforeseen gotchas, it should be a simple matter for me to add two more buttons for the single tap up down cases. I would probably add these to the end as buttons 7 and 8 so it won’t mess up anyone’s existing automations.


Hey I forgot I haven’t been able to update to the latest HomeSeer firmware since I don’t have the HomeSeer system. I am still using the original release firmware so my tests might not be valid?

So then you could use smartthings (hopefully CoRE) to capture these scene commands and operate other devices (fans, lights, plugs. Ect…)

I would love to see this implemented. I have some issues with things staying in sync because I’m using some of these switches without a local load, controlling just smart bulbs. When the bulbs get turned on via automations rather than from the switch, I can’t turn them back off at the switch. I’ve mitigated this as much as I can with rules in CoRE but it’s not perfect. Additionally, I can see having the single tap useful for a range of other activities if it were available.

Thanks for looking into this @Darwin!


I created a new thread with the released/latest version of the HS-WD100+ and HS-WS100+ device handlers. The latest versions include single tap up/down buttons (7 & 8) that will be reported regardless of whether the switch is currently on or off, and a preference option in the dimmer to set the level to 25% after a double-press down. Thanks all for the great input.