Homeseer HS-WD-200+ Status Light help

Hey Guys,

I am pretty basic at CORE and webCoRE, but need a little assistance with a project I was interested in setting up. I wanted to create a few of my Homeseer WD-200+ lights switches to turn into a control panel. What I mean by this is I want to perform an action (say double tap the switch - or set it between a certain time) that the status lights come on green when a door is locked or closed (in favorable condition) and will turn red when they are in the opposite state (unfavorable condition) - Think restarting the fences in Jurassic Park (picture for those who dont know - I had previously set up a piston for each status light individually on the switch only when the door or sensor was in its unfavorable state (opened or unlocked). Not sure if I am over complicating this, but any help that anyone can provide would be great!


I did something similar, though for data pulls for outdoor air quality. I used a global boolean variable that was set to true if I clicked whatever “initiating button” I assigned. This was its own piston with simple logic (basically, if %button% is pushed, set variable to true, wait for 60 seconds, then set variable to false).

Then, I had another piston that started with an IF boolean variable=true, go through each of the items you want to check and set the appropriate status LEDs.

You can also modify the original piston to also include a time component as well.

I hope that makes sense, but if not, please let me know.