HomeSeer Flex Sensor Device Water Sensor

I installed this device a couple of years ago, before it was discontinued, and I’ve got the community DTH. I had a water event last weekend that it successfully identified. In the past, the sensor would dry off and the alarms would stop and the sensor would indicate “dry”. This time, after being dry, it did not resort to its prior state. Assuming a water sensor cable issue, I disconnected the cable, power cycled the device without any change, and tried to change the mode (that worked momentarily). I’m a bit afraid to reset the device as it will likely cause me to lose my routines (unless I added a dummy) and it’s not clear if there is an edge driver for it, so it could be done for good… This is one of the few line (USB) powered device so I don’t need the hassle, expense, and environmental concern of constant battery for similar devices. Does anyone have any other suggestions beyond the dreaded reset?