HomeOne Kickstarter campaign: The Future of the Smart Home?

There is this new startup called HomeOne that claims to use AI to help you create powerful rules.
Their devices look amazing and seem to pack a lot of sensors.
They did a campaign on Kickstarter earlier this year and cancelled it as they wanted to refine their products and try to lower the price.
I contacted them about supported platforms and they claimed that they will definitely support Homekit, IFTTT, Philips Hue and SmartThings. However they are still not sure about Nest and Logitech Harmony.

Apparently they will announce their prices in January 2017.
Here is their website: http://meethomeone.com

Their products might really give us a sleeker way of controlling devices on the wall and the black box product really could be useful with SmartThings. They also have a rule builder that works like Scratch

What do you think about this startup?

Here is a video they created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5pzEgFAadU

Right now, it’s all just marketing. There’s literally nothing to look at except pretty pictures.

Until something is available to ship from Amazon for two day delivery, it’s really hard to evaluate it. Even some pretty good products have shipped without being anywhere near what their initial campaigns promised (and that includes SmartThings).

Something like this which is promising the sun and moon and, as they say, started out with a couple of guys with a raspberry pi, and has no patents pending, is unlikely to really deliver anything near what they’re suggesting.

But once there’s more detail out there, it may be possible to say more.


Yeah, I think I have yet to see a kickstarter deliver on their promises.

This is the ultimate HA concept though. I would much rather my ST system be put into learning mode and it learn my habits over a week, then I never touch it again. It just automates everything intelligently. We are very far from that dream though.