Homematic IP Devices

Does anyone know of a way to integrate the Homematic IP devices using HomematicIP Access Point?

  • Homematic IP is a German / EU market specific smart home products (the manufacturer I thinkis eQ-3)

I know there are some API libraries for it, for exmaple this:
homematicip-rest-api (python)
And I know it is possible to connect it to HomeAssistant,

but anyone know of any Device Type Handlers / SmartApp for it?
is anyone already working on such a solution or should I give it a try and create something?

I’d also be interested in support for Homematic IP devices as well. They make a series of in-wall devices that are hard to come by from other manufactures.

eQ-3 makes a couple of nice in-wall devices that I’d like to use:

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