Homemade Environment Sensor with Oled Display + NBA score live

I have been playing around with OLED monochrome display. I connect it to my homemade environment sensor.

Here is a short demo video.

I am toying with this idea to make it to display information not just from the sensor. I will consider to make it available in the future build. All the information that you see in the video is reported sensor value to DTH. The DTH, in turn, send command to the sensor to display the information.

Doing the round about has some advantage. One can use the display to show much more information than just the information from the sensor. One can write app to display information from other sensor. One can also get sport score and show it on the OLED.

In a couple of pages shown in the video, I attempted to draw bitmaps that is drawn in the DTH . The OLED act like a plotter device.

For those who are not familiar with my homemade sensor, here is the main thread about it. It is basically a Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor. It act as Zigbee repeater. It is also expand-able.


I create a simple application to pull score of NBA web service and display live score on the oled.

I also create virtual device to show simple game stat.