HomeKit + Matter?

Has anyone that uses Homekit tried to connect SmartThings via Matter? What does SmartThings expose? It would be great if it made zwave devices visible (contact sensors, leak sensors, etc.) to Homekit. I am not 100% sure, but I have heard Hubitat does this.

Smartthings doesn’t expose anything, because no Smartthings Hubs are a “matter bridge.”

Smartthings only integrates with matter one way in. Not out.

There was one interview one time when one Samsung executive said they would consider bridge functionality sometime in the future, but no one else has ever said that. They’ve always said the hubs would not be matter bridges.

I just discussed this earlier today in another post, so take a look at that:

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Also, for a much more detailed discussion of how smartthings integrates with matter, as well as what other platforms are doing, see the following thread:

Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)


Hubitat is not using Matter for their Apple Home integration.

they do it the same way most homebridge integrations do it, including the one that you can use with smartthings. It’s just that hubitat has integrated it into their official features so the set up is way easier and you don’t need an extra server device.

HomeKit Integration | Hubitat Documentation).

Here’s the discussion of how you can do it in smartthings. A number of community members here have it working:

Homebridge after groovy

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Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully SmartThings revisits this soon. I found a flood of videos and articles about people using hubitat to add zwave devices to Apple Home.

I like the open dev architecture of SmartThings, but the recent issues they have caused with my drivers is grating at me.

My SmartThings TV has also never really worked. The hub functionality works about 50% of the time and the camera integration has only ever worked 1 time. They also install an insane amount of bloatware on their TVs. Yesterday I found that they installed TikTok on my TV and it can’t be removed. 90% of my storage is full and it is all from apps they force installed and I can’t remove. The feature set seems to be more about checking the boxes than actually working. I just started with an Apple TV and it is quickly becoming my favorite piece of smart home tech.

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