Home security does not wish to get Disarmed

Alram won’t get disarmed… i press disarm, it will change for a second and then go back to Armed…
I had to dissconnect the hub from the electricity…
Any idea?

I suspect you have a Routine that is arming it. Go through your Routines that arm STHM and disable those Routines to test if it is the cause. Most likely you will need to edit it to add preconditions to fix the constant arming.

if you suspect or find a Routine that is arming STHM, you can take a screen capture and forum members will gladly assist with editing it properly.

to disable a Routine, open it and click on the disarm icon in the submenu of the Routine.

Thank you for your answer.
There is no routine that arm the system.
The issue is that this occurs only once in a while.
Most days everything works as expected.

  • do you manually arm/disarm the system?
  • other family members?
  • use virtual devices to manage arm/disarm?
  • use any other systems -Alexa,google, home assistant or Hubitat?
  • does History provide any details?
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