Home Screen & Switches

Overall I really like the interface, but there are two things that would make it amazing:

  1. I don’t know if this is technically possible, but it bothers me that I can’t access the dimmer control for a group via a switch the same way that I can for those individual things. If switches had that second level the way things do it would be great.

  2. Opening to the home screen, then either things or switches depending on what I need to control feels slower than it needs to be. Personally I would like to open the app and first see what I want to control with the option to go to settings, and those separate areas. And by “what I want to control” currently that is a mix of things and custom switches, so a unified home screen where I could select specific things and switches to display there or have an option in each thing or switch to “display on home screen” would be ideal.

We think the next version of the interface will have dimmer controls at the “tile level” and not require you dive down to the “device level”.

We are trying to do that with the dashboards. What don’t you like about that?

I do like the groups, but it does take a while to boot each time. It also forces you to the dashboard, when really i want to boot into the “things” menu each time. Also, i have a folder of “unused” stuff, there should be a more offical way to hide things, like mobile presence.


A “clear” section. for smoke alarm and motion, and they pop out when active, otherwise hide, indicating they are not in use.

Glad to see devs reading this and taking in ideas.

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I’m not sure what you mean. On the dashboard, Things and Lights & Switches are separate and need to be clicked into to access the items in each. If I could place a switch, light, or thing directly on the dashboard so it is a single page that can contain a combination of select items from both, this would be more like what I’m looking for. Or am I missing something about how the dashboard works?