Home Monitor waits indefinitely for me to dismiss alarms, and alarm is inactivated until I do

Hi all,

I’ve recently put a lot of energy into using Home Monitor as a smart alarm system. An issue I’ve found is that if an alarm is tripped, I need to dismiss it in the app, and until I have done so, the alarm is basically turned off. So if I for example miss the notifications from the app (which is quite easy, see The iOS app not supporting badges) or just forget to dismiss the alarm, it will basically remain inactive indefinitely. No sirens going off, no lights turning on to scare off intruders, which is kind of the whole purpose. (Well, actually, for some strange reason, it does seem to still record videos, but that’s the only action it takes). I’ve had this happening, and the alarm basically being inactive for days until I noticed! (This concerns a summer house, so I’m not there all the time)

I can see why it might seem reasonable that a user needs to acknowledge the alarm, but we must of course also consider scenarios where the user might forget or fail to acknowledge it in a timely fashion, and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want the alarm to just be effectively inactive indefinitely because of this. My suggestion would be to introduce some kind of configureable timeout, so that if this timeout is exceeded, the alarm goes back to be fully operational again in case it gets triggered again, regardless of if the user has acknowledged the first alarm or not. (In my case, I’d basically set that timeout to zero, I really see no reason to turn off the alarm just because it has been triggered).