Home monitor arm disarm card gone from app

My SmartThings app on iOS does not have the arm and disarm home monitor buttons on any tab. I distinctly remember them being here before.

Recently I had to request the country on my Samsung account be changed to USA. So I’m not sure if that had anything to do with this.

Is there a way to get that home monitor card back?

You install it from the Life button at the bottom of any tab. Then on the Favorites tab, click the the dot menu and select Edit Favorites.

That’s exactly what I tried doing. But it seems to be going in a loop. And there’s this screen in between.

normally, when you change the country on your Samsung account, you have to reset your hub so that it aligns to the country you are in. Unless something has changed.

to check what country your hub is in… login to the legacy IDE at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ go to the My Locations and tap on your location name. Then look at the URL to see where it points to. if it does not match the US, you need to reset your hub and start from scratch. NA01, NA02 and NA04 are US SHARDS.

Everything in the IDE looks the way it always did. URL had NA02. I didn’t move the hub to another country. The hub was purchased and set up in the US. but on Samsung.com under profile, it wasn’t US for some reason.