Home mini act as repeater?

I need a z-wave repeater to connect to my garage. Can the Google Home Mini act as a repeater? It’s only $20 more than the Aeotec repeater, and a VA on my back porch would be helpful.

The Google Home line does not have a Z-Wave radio so it can’t act as a repeater.

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As @hmin03 said, the Google Home doesn’t have a Z wave radio at all, so it cannot repeat.

Beyond that, You don’t need a single purpose Z wave repeater. Those were useful in the third generation of zwave but now that we are into the fifth, they don’t give you anything that almost any other mains powered zwave device won’t give you.

So you can use an inexpensive pocket socket, a zwave lightbulb, etc. and get the same result with more value from the device. Just not a battery powered device, as those don’t repeat either.

Zwaveproducts.com often has refurbished devices available for $10-$15 which should work fine.


The Lowe’s iris 3210 smart plug is also very popular because it is unusual in being both a zigbee pocket socket and a zwave repeater in one device, so it can repeat for both protocols.