Home mapping?

Is there an app to map your home for room to room sensors? Example tracking your kids room to room while away ect.?
My idea is to create an app to map the inside of your home in case of an emergency or your curiosity of where you kids are located in the home or say God Forbid police are called the location inside the home of where humans are present is there an app that you can upload the mapping of you home for the presence detector to interact with any help with this would be appreciated .

Not with the current hub… But with a future Hub V2 maybe… Bluetooth

You could check the logs for which room had motion last.

Could. That would be messy though. But theory would say it could work.

For instance, what happens when two motion sensors are active at the same time?

thanks guys i think it would be an easy simply app to create all you need is layout of room to room of home and maybe one small sensor to use as mapper walk the perimitter or walking area to calibraite the app should be easy to create thanks keep going with the input hope i didnt give away a million dollar idea hey to the one that creates it my idea first lol

It is “easy” with the right tech. Bluetooth.

I thought I saw last triggered time in the motion object. How about color code showing most recently triggered. Red room most recent and blue least like temperature color code.

I’m working with a friend on this idea, It involves some proprietary sensor technology, but the functionality is planned to exceed your expectations.

I’m glad to see the topic is of interest.

you too? :wink:

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