Home Depot " Smart home days" 8/3 - 8/10

If you are in the market for a $5000 Samsung Smart fridge, this might interest you. I didn’t go through the whole list, but $1000 off a Samsung Model # RF22K9581SR



I love that smart fridge, I put a blink cam in my regular fridge and a tablet on the door :slight_smile:
But I really need more lighting than the little cam light provides…Hmmm…I need to figure out how to turn on the fridge lights on and off when the door is closed.

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On is easy, just disable the door switch. Not sure if any smart bulb would handle the humidity inside a fridge. Even though LED in fridge would actually make sense . Could always put a string of Hue or Osram lights inside, mount the power supply outside.


The lights inside the fridge are bright enough, they are just off when the door is closed…maybe a zwave relay to short the door switch.

How is the battery life of the camera when put inside in the cold?

open up the fridge and tie a Zwave relay into the switch for the light on the fridge.

What about signal quality inside fridge? If the device/sensor is inside, I imagine the battery will be drained faster to compensate for interference from all the insulation. Has anyone tested this yet?

Can you show us where you put it? Is the purpose a quick inventory from anywhere without opening the door or do you have a more specialized need?

I put it in the center of the upper door shelf…from there it captured the Top and second shelf of the refrigerator…if I wanted to try the bottom drawers and bottom shelf I’d need another blink cam. I cant put the camera back far enough to capture everything, it would need a wider angle lens. Though the blink cam white led illuminated things there was a lot of dark in the back - It really needs more “light” from the back to make it look as pretty as the Samsung. It works fine with the door cracked so the light comes on. My purpose wasn’t really inventory, I know what I have in there…it was simply to see if I could somewhat reproduce the 5k fridge feature. With my 0.4k fridge.

What is the battery life on that blink cam? Do you like it so far? It seems awesome, but is it worth it?

Hey Morgan…I don’t know what the battery life is yet, two AA lithium batteries come with them. I’ve had them for 3 months…they have different characteristics than my regular IP cams, I cant record them in my IP surveillance system, but they’ve got an app you can view the clips in. I can put them anywhere - and move them as needed, they aren’t supported outside, but I use them outside under shelter, and in a pole lamp looking away from the light. (the motion sensor doesn’t really work through glass). I have subjected them to heat over 110 degrees and below freezing. They have terrible night vision, but are great during the day. The motion sensor can trigger other things in smartthings, but the signal doesn’t get sent until after the camera is done recording the clip.