Home Depot smart home clearance

I just picked up the last Leaksmart Valve at my local HD for $57.

Though for some reason, their ge link flood bulbs are $25 and their gocontrol kits are $55/$75.

Did you price check the gocontrol kits? Do it yourself at the self checkout in case it comes up a penny. They pulled the rest of ours off the shelves before I could clean them out.

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Yes, I verified at the self checkout.

I grabbed the leaksmart and sensor from my HD for the same price. Dang peer pressure from you all on here :slight_smile:

Not sure how I’m going to install this either. But it was a sweet deal so I’ll get it installed some day!

Hit 3 HD’s in Richmond VA. Someone beat me to the Leaksmart valves but I did pick up 2 Leaksmart sensors cheap. Philips strip were $59. I passed. Met up with a guy off Craigslist and picked up a Smartthings home monitoring kit for $100. Says he won it in a contest last Fall and used the plug for the Xmas tree then back in the box. Everything looks new.


I created a thread after requests in both this thread and the Lowe’s thread


Do we have an updated inventory list for the blooms at Home Depot? Looking to find a couple on clearance!!!

OK. I created a Google Sheet (online spreadsheet) for the Hue Bloom lamps. You can download or view online.

There is a column for state now. Use that to filter down to something reasonable.
I included all stores, so it includes the ones that don’t have this item on clearance (like every store near me).

The last column is for user comments/status. If you go to a store and there aren’t any, leave a comment to save someone a trip.


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Can you let us sort it?

OK. Try again. I had the data protected, but if that prevents sorting I can remove that restrictions.

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I was able to just update it for the 2 stores with Bloom on clearance that I visited. Found 2 on the shelf, bought one and left the open box one they had, couldn’t find the other 3 it says they have in inventory.

Also found the GE Link Starter Kits for $25 and some of the Osram Lightify for $7.53, so I picked up one of each. I’m having second thoughts about the LeakSmart Valve Kit since I’m not a professional plumber, may end up returning it or posting it in the WTT forum.

Just unprotect Row 3

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Does the leaksmart sensor work as a standalone “normal” water sensor with ST? My local HD has them but not the valve.

Not yet. I had the valve installed and bought a couple of sensors as well. Realized that the sensors don’t work yet. Will use the smartthings leak sensor instead

Just found my first $.01 Home Depot items!! Went back to my local store today to return the LeakSmart Valve and Sensor, and to search for the other Blooms that they supposedly had. After having 2 employees wander the entire lighting section with me, could only find 1 more Bloom. So I decided to wander the store myself looking at the overhead stock areas, and stumbled onto a gold mine!

Found 2 more Blooms on Clearance, as well as a “Not in Inventory” Hue Iris and 4 TCP Connected kits. Total price for the haul below: $64.84(Blooms were $20.03 each, rest were a penny) :grinning:


Good find on the blooms. Might as well put the TCP in the trash.


Nice find!

Still cant go wrong with 1cent LED light bulbs, regardless if they work with ST or not!


At worst they should function as dumb bulbs.

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Problem is they like to flash for a while when they loose sync with the hub

Then I may reconsider if these are trash worthy or not …