Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

Was there anything specific that helped you with the reset? I have two controllers and neither will reset

Cutting the current at the breaker and leaving it off for a few minutes.
Then I did the sequence listed in the manual. It took a few tries, but then
I got it.
Keep in mind that most of the time, when the controller stops responding,
it comes back on it’s own.
Mine as been working flawlessly for months now.

I haven’t been able to pair mine even the first time. My first controller ever paired fine but then shorted out due to the antenna. My other two aren’t being detected by smartthings

Is this still the best way to do Fan+Light control without a wall switch? I can’t believe that there isn’t a fan/light control module out there currently.

I have a brand new controller and it isn’t being detected by my hub. Do you guys have any tips to help my fan connect?

Finally got it working, but I am having trouble with signal strength for one of my fans. When the cover is off, it works perfectly well, but when it is on, there are no smart controls even though the antenna extends about 3 inches outside of the metal cover

Add something as a repeater in-between your fan and hub.

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Would a security peanut work?


I purchased and installed 6 of these Gardinier 52inch wink fans. I have a smartthings hub with zwave devices connected. I cannot, for the life of me, get these fans to connect.

I open the smartthings app and add a thing. Almost immediately the app will find a “thing” but if I try to rename it I get a dialog box that says “Error. Tried to rename Thing! Please try again later.” If I keep it named the same, it will not add and a red bar at the top of the phone appears and says “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error.”

I have done the reset procedure from the instruction manual with the light switch and the light blinks appropriately but I still get these errors. The hub is 15 feet away. What gives?

make sure you have the custom DTH installed BEFORE adding the fan.

If it does not load up right then, go into the IDE and change the DTH there.

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That was it! Thank you!!

Thanks so much for all the help in this thread. I retro-fitted my first fan/light (1 of 4) with this controller. Everything seems to be working fine, and I am able to switch the fan and light on and off with Alexa, I can also dim the lights using Alexa.

I can’t work out what phrases I should be using for the fan speeds though through Alexa.

For example, say “Alexa, turn on name fan high”

So no longer available?

It’s never been available. They listed it on the HD website over a year ago and it was never stocked.

I am hoping someone has wisdom and insight to help me. I purchased the fan from Home Depot last weekend and installed in the house with no issues.

I then set up my SmartThings account on the computer with the handlers:
dcoffing : KOF Zigbee Fan Controller
dcoffing : KOF Zigbee Fan Controller - Fan Speed Child Device
dcoffing : KOF Zigbee Fan Controller - Light Child Device

Next I went to the app on my phone to add the fan and it “found” it, but it does not respond to controls on the phone.

I have the original hub from the Kickstarter campaign. Does this setup work with the original/any hub?

Thanks for any advice

I can’t say 100%, but I’m fairly certain that this should work with hub V1. Please log into your IDE and click on Live Logging then try to control the fan. Post the results from the logs here and it should give us some clues to the issue you are having.

I’m going to apologize in advance for the delayed response you may receive from Dale and I regarding this handler. We have both been pretty busy lately. Thanks to all the others users who have stepped in to answer questions in our absence.

I have v1 hubs that worked with the KoF replacement receivers (didn’t buy retail fan).

Thanks for the responses. My devices have a Device Network Id but no Zigbee Id. The Device Network Id is something I manually created when setting up the device handlers. My logs for the fan look like this:

45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:04:01 AM: info Turning fan Off
45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:03:58 AM: info Turning fan Off
45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:03:57 AM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Needs to be string or int, received null value: null @ line 340
45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:03:57 AM: info Turning Light Off
45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:03:51 AM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Needs to be string or int, received null value: null @ line 335
45ba574f-40a8-46f4-bc64-8eacee014cbf 7:03:51 AM: info Turning Light On